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Toronto Hydro

Toronto Hydro owns and operates the electricity distribution system for Canada’s largest city. A leader in conservation and demand management, it has 768,000 customers located in the city of Toronto and distributes approximately 19% of the electricity consumed in Ontario

Our energy experts will help you find energy efficiency opportunities to reduce your operating expenses and grow your asset value. We’ll also help you with the paperwork for financial incentives to help maximize your investment.


ecobee Inc. introduced the world’s first smart Wi-Fi thermostat and Room Sensor™ technology. The ecobee4 Smart Thermostat continues to enhance the customer experience with its built-in Amazon Alexa voice service and far-field voice recognition. ecobee’s commitment to enriching the customer experience extends to the relationship between utilities and their customers. We offer residential and commercial solutions that deliver meaningful savings without compromising comfort, with best-in-class customer service and insights into customer energy usage.

Find out more at www.ecobee.com/utilities/

Hydro Ottawa

Hydro Ottawa is managing a wide range of conservation programs to assist homeowners and organizations of all sizes reduce their electricity consumption.  With a total reduction target of 400 million kWhs by the end of 2020 in its territory, these programs offered under the 2015-2020 Conservation First Framework will deliver approximately $75 million in incentives to transmission-connected customers. Since 2015, Hydro Ottawa has incented over 2500 commercial projects, redeemed over 3,000,000 coupons and provided rebates to 16,000 residential customers for energy-efficient upgrades with the Save on Energy programs.

Posterity Group

Posterity Group works with governments and commercial, industrial and institutional clients across Canada to inform and advance the transition to the coming low-carbon economy.

Our advisory services have helped to guide and inform important policy and program design decisions for all orders of governments and agencies across the country. From long-term resource plans, to sophisticated modeling of policy scenarios, to green technology market research, to program analysis and design, our clients consulted with us for trusted and credible advise.

Carbon management can increase a company’s social license to operate, attract climate savvy consumers/clients, improve triple bottom line performance, and reduce exposure to risk. We help our business clients see energy as a controllable cost and as a factor that can be leveraged to solve other persistent business challenges. We will help quantify the greenhouse gas reductions from energy management efforts to help ensure that consumers, clients, and policymakers are aware of them.

Rushby Energy Solutions

Rushby Energy Solutions is an energy efficiency consulting firm located in Waterloo, Ontario.  We have been serving the Ontario energy conservation industry since 2011.  At Rushby, we pride ourselves in offering unbiased technical analysis in support of our customer’s energy goals.

Since 2011, we have served the Ontario energy conservation industry by providing consultation services to our 10 LDC customers and various private and public sector customers.

Our service offerings include:

  • Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Program Delivery Support Services
  • Energy Audits
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Meter Rentals
  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • Utility Incentive Program Application Services
  • Training, Seminars and Workshops
The Weidt Group

The Weidt Group® is an energy and software consulting firm, working with architects, engineers, building owners, and utilities to achieve high-performance buildings. We provide Energy Design Assistance and measurement & verification services for commercial new construction alongside engineering benchmarks for improving the ongoing performance of existing buildings. Weidt’s software services create and expand utility energy efficiency program opportunities while supporting building owners and building product manufacturers in meeting their efficiency goals.

Based on our knowledge of how buildings work, we began simulating future building performance in 1988. Today, Energy Design Assistance is a comparative analysis service we provide for more than 500 projects each year, using industry standard and DOE-supported simulation tools. Our consistent Energy Design Assistance methodology supports equipment and system innovations on a project level through accurate contextual analysis to provide operational guidance to owners and information back to the design teams. Due to our founding interests and values, our staff field-verifies and measures the performance of more than 300 buildings annually. Extending these methodologies, we enable building owners to tune-up their buildings as uses change over time.

In the delivery of demand-side management programs, we have experience with everything from program design, outreach to gain enrollments, and design assistance and incentive fulfillment, to complete management of entire energy efficiency programs. We consistently help our utility clients average 30% savings over code with 70% market penetration, and our modeling has been proven to predict a building portfolio’s actual energy consumption within 5%, meaning utilities realize the predicted savings.

Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, the firm’s offices also include: Madison, WI; Urbandale, IA; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; and Albany, NY.

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